C U R R E N T   P R O J E C T S

2020 holds some exciting projects in store:


The winter of 2019/20 has been welcomed with a group exhibition at Nevill Hall Hospital, Abergavenny, which includes a few of my photographs from The Herd of Winds project in Siberia, following the creation of over 300 life-sized horses galloping across frozen Lake Baikal. I also have my photographic series Alarch exhibiting at The Melville Centre for the Arts, Abergavenny.

The beginning of Spring will see a diverse group of artists coming together for PLACEing Objects at spudWORKS in the New Forest, England, where I will exhibit photographs from the series Alarch and give a presentation of my artistic practice of paper land art.


The Spring Equinox will be heralded in with an ice labyrinth creation in the middle of Lake Baikal. I will be working with LabirintLab in Siberia during March, creating, performing and photographing the process.

April will see the culmination of an eight month project with the diverse ability theatre group Blodeuo, at Melville Centre for the Arts in Abergavenny. It will be a weaving of personal stories, site responsive theatre and established Welsh stories. This is generously supported by the Arts Council of Wales.

In May I am planning to collaborate with a Japanese paper artist, Keiichi Hibino, exploring a paper performance installation. I am excited at the possibility of exploring a new performance project in Japan, the seeds of which were planted last year, during the Welsh Government Trade Mission to Japan. I was delighted to be one of four artists to be chosen to represent Wales in Japan.

June will see my return to Anglesey, Mam Cymru (Mother of Wales) as artist in residence with Cadw. I am very happy to be returning to work on this beautiful island, after my residency with National Theatre Wales in 2013. 

In September I will be returning to Japan for the International Paper Art Congress in Toyota. I also hope to continue my collaboration with Keiichi, and pursue my research into Japanese rituals and paper making traditions.

I continue to tour my performance Alarch, most recently in Japan and Siberia. I always hold a Q&A after (with translators, when necessary), to open up dialogue about child loss and the performance itself. It continues to be a very important opportunity for sharing responses to a life experience that affects so many of us. The performance is non verbal, but filled with song. Each performance changes, in response to environment and audience.

My practice can be read about in detail in the publication 

"Staging Loss: Performance as Commemoration" edited by Michael Pinchbeck and Andrew Westerside, published by Palgrave Macmillan. Ebooks: Google and Springer Nature.

I have also written for FUTURE, the bulletin for the International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists (IAPMA) 2019 (https://iapma.info)  

I continue to teach workshops internationally, in clown and connection, most recently in Denmark and Siberia, and to make weekly visits to children's hospitals in the UK.