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WHEN:   29 July to 2 August 2024

WHERE:  Dance Blast, Pen y Pound, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire

                Wales NP7 5UD


An opportunity to explore the world of Clown and Connection. This is the first time I will be running this workshop in UK, after 14 years of teaching internationally. 

Five whole days to immerse yourself in the beautiful art of clown, giving you a chance to play, explore, positively challenge yourself, laugh and grow! I will create a safe and nurturing space for you to take those steps into being, revealing and opening into your potential.

Clown is not just about laughter, but about the paradox of being human, of all the parts of ourselves that make us beautiful and ridiculous. It is about seeing and being seen, opening up to connection: with yourself, each other and your environment. My workshops are taught with a sense of play and curiosity, giving space for the group to form and focus upon each individual’s potential to explore and venture into new territories of being and creating.

This workshop is open to participants (18 yrs +) wishing to explore the power of connection and how it can positively affect your daily interactions (personal and professional), your presence (on/off stage), and be a time of inspiration or plant seeds for your next creative venture.

No previous experience necessary. 

Price: £400, £360 (low income)

If you cannot afford this price, please contact me directly to see how we can negotiate: there are two places at a lower price for those who would be happy to clean the space at the end of each day.

To book your place and find out more, please contact me:

About me: 

I first delved into the world of clown whilst training as a dramatherapist in the late 1990’s and became a healthcare clown in 2001. I work extensively in this field, both in the UK and internationally, as an artist, mentor and teacher. I perform and teach worldwide, most recently in Kazakhstan this January. I have worked within inclusive theatre since 2001, and have always been inspired by creating theatre and art that stems from participants’ own lives and experience. I taught with Hijinx Theatre (Cardiff) for many years, before co-founding Theatr Blodeuo in Abergavenny and have worked with diverse groups internationally since 2000. 

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