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Welsh Government Trade Mission to Japan 2019: one of four artists to be chosen to represent Wales

Best English Speaking Production for Beneath The Streets (Punchdrunk & Hijinx Theatre) Nomination, Welsh Theatre Awards 2015

The Rainbow Award for the Most Innovative Act/Mime 2010 (Clowns International)

The Independent on Sunday’s alternative rich list “The Happy List” 2008: Ranked in Top 100 People for Making Britain a Better and a Happier Place



Arts Council of Wales: Stabilisation Fund, Urgent Response Fund for Individuals, 2020

Wales Arts International - Individual Grant 2018, 2015

Arts Council of Wales - Research & Development Grant 2015

Arts Council of Wales - Research & Development Grant 2014

Arts Council of Wales - Training and Mentoring Grant 2011


Cadw: Bryn Celli Ddu, Anglesey, Wales 2020 (postponed)

Locator 28-Simon Whitehead: Pembrokeshire, Wales 2018

PeerGrouP (NL) and National Theatre Wales, Powys 2013

WalesLab, National Theatre Wales, Anglesey 2013




Power: International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists (IAPMA)


Staging Loss: Performance as Commemoration (Palgrave Macmillan)

Future: International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists (IAPMA)

Womanhood, A Bare Reality: Laura Dodsworth (Pinter & Martin)



Approach: Obara Paper Museum, Toyota, Japan. Group exhibition including Alarch works


Herd of Winds: Melville Centre for the Arts 

PLACEing Objects, Spudworks, Sway, UK. Photographic exhibition of paper land art and presentation of creative practice.

GARTH (Gwent Arts in Health): Group exhibition at Nevill Hall Hospital, Abergavenny


Alarch: Abergavenny Arts Festival; Melville Centre for the Arts, Abergavenny


Alarch: Abergavenny Arts Festival; University of Roehampton


Out of Nature Sculpture Exhibition (UK): Installations: Unwritten, Alarch



Ecosinema Programme of WOW Film Festival, Wales UK

Llif/Flow: film following my creative response to child loss


Dreams & Shamanism podcast, with Dream Kollective

Mino Gifu Radio, Japan: Two artist interviews with Yoko Tabata


Channel 4: Womanhood

BBC Wales: film of my work as a healthcare clown at Nevill Hall hospital, Wales


BBC Radio Bristol: interviews for Phil Hammond show & John Darvall shows 

BBC News Bristol: film of my work as a Giggle Doctor in Royal United Hospital, Bath


Intraterrestrial: English voiceover for a Russian film on cetaceans & humans


The One Show, Sky TV: filming of work & interviews as a Giggle Doctor


Repose: performance and film with Yasuro Ito & Underground Airport, Japan

Clowning Around: film with Nina Conti, training to be a Giggle Doctor 



Alarch (solo ritual theatre performance): Kotta Sosaku Theatre, Tokyo (JP); Abergavenny Arts Festival (UK); Novosibirsk, Siberia; Shepkin House Theatre, Moscow; Boris Yeltsin Centre,Yekaterinburg (RU)

Wild Things: paper art performance, Theatr Brycheiniog, Wales UK

Blodeuo: Blodeuwedd, Melville Centre for the Arts, Abergavenny UK


Birth of Winds land and performance art, Lake Baikal, Siberia

Alarch: Abergavenny Arts Festival (UK); Yekaterinburg (RU)


Alarch: site responsive performance at Out of Nature sculpture exhibition, The Courtyard Theatre, Herefordshire

The Dancing Floor: Dance performances in Brecon & Hay-on-Wye

Flossie & Jet with Hijinx Theatre at Unity Festival, Crownbridge School, Cwmbran


The Dancing Floor: devising for indie film, Powys

Mam Cymru - continuation of a series of land art performances

Flossie & Jet - Hijinx Theatre at Malvern Cube, Worcs



Dance of Winds land and performance art, Olkhon Island, Baikal, Siberia

Repose - film in collaboration with Underground Airport, Japan

Beneath the Streets - Lost and Found Punchdrunk Enrichment & Hijinx Theatre, Wales UK

Flossie & Jet street performances with Hijinx Theatre at Unity Festival, Blysh Festival & rural performances in Wales

Forum Theatre with Hijinx Theatre, Bridge Community Centre, Monmouth 



Herd of Winds collaboration with Teatrika: Ritual Theatre, Land Art & Clown on Lake Baikal, Siberia

Send in the Angels Neuburg an der Donau, Germany

Romeo & Juliet Nikola Lenivets, Russia

Flossie & Jet a mask performance with Hijinx Theatre - Chapter Arts Centre Cardiff, Midlands Arts Centre Birmingham

Seatown Ladies  Likely Story Theatre, performed at WMC Cardiff and Pembrokeshire, Wales

Beneath The Streets Punchdrunk Enrichment & Hijinx Theatre



Street Performances in Moscow, Russia, with Teatrika

Angel-C a solo clown performance, Cardiff

PornO clown show, New York Clown Theater Festival, USA

Mam Cymru a clown performance installation, Anglesey

Angel solo performance, International Convention of Hospital Clowns, Switzerland

Research & Development with Likely Story on Seatown Ladies



Cabaret Collective with Angela de Castro, NoFit State Circus, Cardiff, Wales

Spymonkey Performances “The Opening” and “The Closing” in conjunction with Hijinx Theatre and the Unity Festival, Cardiff,

Titanic film trailer for Clown Theatre production with Denni Dennis

A Provincial Life - National Theatre Wales, Dir.Peter Gill 



Research & Development into Solo Clown Show, Toronto, CA with Sue Morrison

Babochka, Crickhowell Summer Fayre, Wales

Unity Angels, Unity Festival, Cardiff, Wales

Send in the Angels, Svendborg International Clown Festival, Denmark 

Performances in Ragamuffin Project, Phnom Penh, Cambodia



Babochka Chapiteau de Fontvieille, Monte Carlo (the 14th Noël de Frankie) and Clowns International Circus Circus Festival, Bognor Regis UK

Send in the Angels, Cabaret Act, Manhattan, New York

Send in the Angels, The Show, New York Clown Theatre Festival, USA

The Floating Hospital, Family Fun Day, Porthmawr & Green Man Festival, Wales 

Seven Sisters performance and Circus Skills Workshop, NoFit State Youth Circus, Wales

Performances with Clownfish, Clownbaret & Hijinx Theatre, Unity Festival, Cardiff and Maindee Festival, Newport, Wales 



Performance Installation in The Dan Hotel, with Frans Jacobi

Performance Installation “Costa Lot” with Denni Dennis at Lys over Lolland Festival, Denmark 

The Floating Hospital, Green Man Festival, Wales

Send in the Angels, Svendborg International Clown Festival, Denmark 

Titanic, Clowns International Convention, UK

Kyla and Max, Opera Night at Gliffaes Hotel, Wales



Dog♥ski and The Russian Office, New York Clown Theatre Festival, USA

Frequency Lys over Lolland Festival, Denmark

Dog♥ski, Llanthony Valley & District Show, Wales

Gladis, The Secret Life of Tess, Symondsbury, Dorset

Titanic Svendborg International Clown Festival, Denmark

Bel Green Man Festival, Wales, Clowns International Convention, UK 



Various roles in shows around the UK, including:

Portia, Merchant of Venice; Viola, Twelfth Night; Juliet, Romeo and Juliet; Sally, Tissue; Madame Danzard, My Sister in This House; Clarissa, The Confederacy; Jackie, My Mother Said I Never Should; Clytemnestra, Agamemnon (Berkoff); Penelope, The Gamester; Vasilisa, The Lower Depths; Ophelia, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern; Lady Preece, Plague of God.  Title roles in The Duchess of Malfi, The Mother (Brecht)

Musicals/Operetta: Guys & Dolls, Die Fledermaus

Film: 47, Hand, Catch 29, Elements of Acting

TV: The Bill



Meeting of Winds: lead photographer and co-creator with LabirintLab of ice labyrinth on Lake Baikal, Siberia;

site responsive performance Meeting my Mother


Wild Things: performance and paper costumes, Theatr Brycheiniog UK


Birth of Winds: creation of ice labyrinth and performances on Lake Baikal, Siberia

Alarch performances in Russia and UK


Out of Nature Sculpture Exhibition, Herefordshire: paper installations and performance of Alarch


Green Man Festival craft workshops

Mam Cymru continuation of land art, film & photography in Wales and Japan


Repose – performance and film with Yasuro Ito & Underground Airport, Japan

Dance of Winds performance and land art; creation of paper costumes for children’s performance on Olkhon Island, Lake Baikal, Siberia

A Winter Wildness - creation of painted paper costumes for a Winter Solstice performance, The Chapel, Abergavenny, Wales


Herd of Winds: photographer for Russian project involving creation of over 300 ice horses on Lake Baikal, Siberia

Creation of clown performances & land art with ice horses


Mam Cymru paper sculptures in landscape and sea, Wales

Paper sculptures in ice, snow and wind in St Petersburg, Russia


2001 - ongoing:

Bel – clowning in schools and specialist care centres for children with severe learning disabilities, autism and brain injury; adults with dementia.


2001 - ongoing

Theodora Children’s Charity - As Dr Betty Ding Dong (a Giggle Doctor), I am part of a team of 27 artists, specifically trained to work in hospitals and specialist care centres for children in England and Wales.


2007 - ongoing

A Spoonful of Sugar charity - As Bel, I visit children at University College London Hospital and Nevill Hall, Abergavenny



Age Cymru – Clown workshops with 3 generations of a family, one member with dementia

Maria's Children Arts Centre, Moscow, The Oncology Centre for Children, Moscow, Hospitals in St Petersburg, Russia



Hay Day Café - Clown, at a tea party for people with dementia



Performances at Maria's Children Arts Centre, Moscow, with learning disabled orphaned children.

GARTH (Gwent Arts in Health) - Clowning at Serennu Children's Centre, Gwent and at St Woolos' Hospital, for patients with dementia.



Performances at The Special Unit, HMP Barlinnie, Glasgow




Co-founder of Blodeuo: a new diverse ability theatre group in Monmouthshire, creating innovative theatre using movement, clown and paper art



Alarch, with performing arts students at Hereford College of Art

Live Literature: a collaboration with Theatr Ffynnon, Rufus Mufasa, Literature Wales & Head4Arts



A Winter Wildness, The Chapel, Abergavenny



Romeo & Juliet, Nikola Lenivets Festival, Russia



Co-direction of shows for young adults with severe learning disabilities:

The Myth of Hephaestus - The Cockpit Theatre, London

Peter and The Wolf: A Puppet Show City of Westminster College


Co-direction of shows for homeless adults:

Benjamin Britten’s Canticles  - Westminster Abbey, London (with Streetwise Opera)

ex Parte: an Installation Project, The Passage Day Centre, London

Street Light The Cockpit Theatre, London



Impressive Clowns, Russia: Two online presentations: Clown & Vulnerability and 

Hospital Clowning, for a professional audience across Russia, Siberia and Ukraine

Clown Power: Panel Discussion on Clown & Academia, Clown & Grief


Clown and Connection workshops: Danish Hospital Clown Organisation (DK); Siberian Hospital Clown Team, Novosibirsk; Vershina Centre, Moscow; Boris Yeltsin Centre, Yekaterinburg (RU)

Blodeuo: workshops in performance and paper art, Abergavenny (UK)



Clown and Connection workshops: Moscow, Yekaterinburg, St Petersburg (RU)

WOW Festival, Cardiff (UK)



Hereford College of Arts: Site Responsive performance and Developing Presence workshops

Head 4 Arts: performance workshops in Brynmawr and Senghenydd


2012 - ongoing

Weekly Clown and Mask workshops at Hijinx Theatre Academy, Cardiff, Wales


2013 - ongoing

Annual performance and lecture on Creativity and Children’s Health, Norland College, Bath


2013 - ongoing

Ongoing research into Clown, Butoh, Ritual Theatre and Shamanism in Wales, Siberia and Japan



Literature Wales: Roald Dahl project “Clowns & Twits” with Theatr Ffynnon, Abergavenny

Hereford College of Performing Arts: Dance & movement workshop, Pina Bausch evening

School of Fine & Performing Arts, University of Lincoln: Lecture: “Performative Ritual: Marking the Intangible” at the Symposium of Staging Loss: Performance as Commemoration

Welsh Refugee Council – Women’s Clown workshop


2015 - 2016

The Chapel, Abergavenny - Weekly children’s creative workshops



Workshops: New National Theatre students (Tokyo, Japan)

Workshops: Children's Creative Centre (Moscow, Russia)

Olkhon Children’s Clown workshops (Siberia)



Clown workshops, Nikola Lenivets, Russia



Clown workshop at International Convention for Hospital Clowns, Switzerland

Workshops for trainee Giggle Doctors, Theodora Children's Charity, UK


Performance & Lecture on Clown in Healthcare Settings

Friends of Brecon & District Contact Association, Wales


Performances and Workshops at Ragamuffin Creative Arts Therapy Centre, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Assistant to Sue Morrison in Clown through Mask Workshop, Cork, Eire



Youth Circus, NoFit State, Cardiff



Clown workshop with Denni Dennis, Køge Children’s Theatre School, Denmark



Kensington & Chelsea College, London, UK

Lecturer in Performing Arts

Teaching creative skills to students on Child Care courses, to encourage communication and creativity of students and the children under their supervision.


City of Westminster College, London, UK

Lecturer in Music and Drama; Dramatherapist

TEACHING: music, storytelling and communication skills to young adults with severe learning disabilities; storytelling and creative activities to students learning Health and Social Care, and Child Care; creative drama groups for ESOL (English for speakers of other languages) students and EO students (Education Otherwise – young adults excluded from school).

TRAINING: weekly one-to-one assertiveness training sessions for members of staff.



Dramatherapy Group, London, UK

Weekly dramatherapy groups for homeless women at The Church Army Day Centre, which culminated in a performance each year.


City of Westminster College, London, UK

Dramatherapy: Groups for homeless people, one women only group, another for any participant over 21 years of age.


Weekly groups for the elderly with dementia; children with behavioural difficulties; Women with HIV



France: Ecole Philippe Gaulier

USA: Eric Davis


Hula Hoop (NoFit State Circus)


Canada: Sue Morrison (Clown through Mask, Joey & Auguste)

France: Ecole Philippe Gaulier

UK: Mick Barnfather, Bob Pearce (Circus Space London), Ton Kurstjens, Spymonkey: Aitor Basauri

USA: Christopher Bayes

Dance & Movement:


UK: Marie-Gabrielle Rotie & Nick Parkin (Butoh and Nature); Moeno Wakamatsu,

USA: Yuko Kaseki


RUSSIA: Yulia Victorovna Potapova (St Petersburg)

UK: Geraldine Harris School of Dance

USA: Zena Rommett - Floor Barre (New York)


USA: James Singley (New York)


Carolyn Hillyer, Dartmoor, UK : Drum making


UK: John Wright, Shobhana Schwebke

Canada: Sue Morrison

Mental Health:

UK: Dementia Awareness Training (Alzheimer’s Society)


Russia: Elena Markova (St Petersburg)

Papermaking & Kamiko:

Various masters in Japan, including Mino Paper Museum, Endo Mashiko

Physical Theatre:

 UK: Theatre de Complicite, Frantic Assembly, Hilary Chaplain


UK: Maxine Smillie (Wales, UK) : Core Shamanic Practice (2010 ongoing)

2001 -

CPD with Theodora Childrens’ Charity, London: annual workshops in music, stand up comedy, improvisation, clowning, physical theatre, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), intensive interaction


Institute of Dramatherapy, University of Surrey, London, UK

Postgraduate diploma in Dramatherapy (PGDip)


Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London, UK: Diploma, Acting


Warwick University: History of Art, Italian & Fine Art (BA Hons)


DBS Enhanced Certificates for working with Children and Vulnerable Adults

Memberships: Equity

Languages: Italian

Driving: Full UK Driving Licence

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